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0-10V Programmable LED Dimmer 12V / 24V EC11-V

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Made in EU with the finest components. Full compliance with the EU standards and directives.

The latest version of the driver EC-11V, allows you to control the brightness, color or color temperature LED lighting using a very popular standard 1-10V (or 0-10), commonly used in many control systems. The unit converts the voltage at the entrances to the fulfillment of the PWM signal, which already can directly control the brightness of LED strips and similar LED light sources and in a linear fashion. Two analog inputs allow you to work well with potentiometers 1-10V or even normal.You can also connect to one of the inputs an ordinary doorbell button (momentary) and use it to further control the lighting.

What is more, the new version of the EC-11V can work not only as a two-channel dimmer LED driver but also as RGB or dimmer with adjustable color temperature. A whole adjustment can be made using any wall potentiometer 1-10V offer of any manufacturer of electrical equipment.

Controller EC-11V has a very wide range of applications with the ability to program the way it is working in many different configurations. Control can be carried out using potentiometers electronic 1-10V (offered by many manufacturers of electrical equipment), conventional potentiometers, voltage signal 0-10V or 1-10V with control systems or with push buttons, OC outputs or relay contacts. The device can directly control the LED strips and LED RGB, as well as all other LED light sources designed to supply voltage and clearly dimmed using PWM. The dimmer can also control indirectly current transformers LED luminaires by connecting it to one or more drivers current production Enterius®.

The new mode of operation as a controller R G B allows for extremely easy and convenient operation of the system LED RGB using popular electronic potentiometers available in offers many manufacturers of electrical equipment. Turning Knob changes the brightness or color depending on the position of the knob (pressed / squeezed). You can also use two potentiometers and one to adjust the color and brightness of the second. Similarly, the color temperature adjustment mode only there instead adjust the color tone of white color (from hot to cold).

EC-11V has two programming menu, in which the installer can configure how the unit. The first menu allows you to select the parameter inputs (input type, way of working, the threshold voltages, etc.). The second menu allows you to select one of three modes of operation, and if you select the dimmer mode also allows output parameters of the device. These outputs can not only control the LED strips and other LED light sources but also can be used as the starting signal OC, giving the mass depending on the programming. This can be used as a feedback on the attached lighting to other systems (eg BMS, alarm, etc.) Or, eg .: to connect the relay, which will control blinds or załączał another electrical circuit (fan, etc.).

Due to the small size of the plate device, it is possible to place it in a confined space wall electrical box, so you do not need the extra space and we can nicely build in almost any controller buttons.Optional mounting bracket P-11 will provide quick and easy installation on a DIN rail (also called TS or TH) in each cabinet or distribution of electricity.

Dimmer / converter ideally suited wherever we have analog control signal 0-10V (device platform, intelligent control, building automation, potentiometers, etc.) Or 1-10V (a popular system brightness control of fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts and potentiometers Wall electronic). Both of these systems are often used in lighting control systems (Lutron, Dali, KNX / EIB, LCN, DMX, etc.), Which in themselves rarely have the opportunity to directly control the LED lighting, and if they are it is usually very expensive option additional. EC-11V is also working with all the wall 1-10V electronic potentiometers (also called actors 1-10V dimming) offered by many manufacturers.

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12V, 24V


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Key features:

  • Three modes of operation:
  • 2-channel LED dimmer
  • Controller RGB
  • LED dimmer with adjustable colour temperature
  • Two multifunctional inputs (0-10V, 1-10V, NC, NO)
  • the possibility of cooperation with buttons, voltage signal or potentiometer
  • 3 output channels (OC PWM) 5A each
  • the ability to work as a two-channel dimmer 1-10V
  • programmable upper and lower threshold voltage control
  • option brightness inversely proportional to the input voltage
  • programmable functions inputs and outputs
  • Any assignment of output to input

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: 12 VDC ± 20% / 24 VDC
  • Max. current consumption (no load)
  • Power consumption in sleep mode: <6 mA
  • Operating temperature range: -15 … +55 ° C
  • Number of output channels: 3
  • Type of output channels OC (mass feeding)
  • Current carrying capacity of outputs: 5A / channel, for 24 VDC at 2.5 A.
  • Resolution PWM control: 8 Bit
  • PWM frequency: 550 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 52 x 36 x 16 mm
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