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Digital Universal Controller LED lights 3-channel (3x5A/12V-24V) DRIVER TO LIGHT SCENES EC-11S

Digital Universal Controller LED lights 3-channel (3x5A/12V-24V) DRIVER TO LIGHT SCENES EC-11S
  • EC-11S to cyfrowy sterownik dla oświetlenia LED oferujący obsługę na zasadzie scen świetlnych.

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Made in EU with the finest components. Full compliance with the EU standards and directives.

EC-11S is a compact digital controller for LED lighting, which allows a very easy and intuitive operation of lighting on the principle of light scenes. The device has 3 channels output rated at 5A each and allows you to program up to 6 light scenes. The number of channels can be increased by adding more controllers EC-11S to the system.

Controller EC-11S allows you to program up to 6 light scenes, which can be static or dynamic. Scenes static programmed by the installer or user of the brightness of each of the three output channels in a scene. Programming of dynamic scenes is to select a specific program results from a list of pre-programmed scenes dynamic. Depending on the type of connected LED lighting scene they define the brightness of each of the channels (one color for the three circuits) or the resultant color (RGB system).

The selection of the scene can be done in several ways, depending on the programmed control mode.In the current version of the software driver EC-11S provides 4 modes of control:

  1. In mode 1 the scene is included as long as the weight is present on the corresponding input. This type of control will work in cooperation for example with PLC or similar.
  2. In mode 2 short pulse mass input of 1-5 switches corresponding to the scene, and give impetus to the mass input 6 off the lights. This allows us to use any buttons mono-stable (bell) for easy lighting control.
  3. Mode 3 is the same as mode 2 but is active all 6 scenes and to turn off the lights need to give more impetus on any entry (ie, hold down a button for longer than a second).
  4. In the latter mode only work inputs 1 and 2 to change the scene sequentially. This allows for a relatively easy operation with two buttons and remote controls or control systems which have only 2 channels.

Light scenes is very convenient and easy form of lighting control. Simply press one button to make the whole room aligned their illumination to the activity. After her performance, press the button next and again the whole lighting adapts to the new requirements. A single controller EC-11S can store up to 6 such scenes for 3 different circuits. Adding another driver EC-11S can increase the number of circuits and thus handle even very large rooms with an unlimited number of circuits. Moreover, some drivers EC-11S can handle circuits of single-color and RGB part of the circuit giving us almost unlimited possibilities of painting with light and create a unique atmosphere, which can completely change the touch of a button. And that’s not all the possibilities for EC-11S because he can also play a dynamic scene, or those in which the brightness or color are not fixed but change over time. There is no other device on the market as small and such a low price, life that could so much!

To the EC-11S can be connected not only the keys but also relay outputs, OC (open collector) and all others working on a potential-free. Thanks to this scene can also cause the remote control, PLC, an alarm system or other lighting control systems. Just be aware that the weight given to the inputs 1-6 not different potential of more than 0.4 V from ground controller.

In case the load output EC-11S proved insufficient, simply connect it to one or more amplifiers LED EPM-153 , which will enable connection theoretically unlimited load. Optional mounting bracket P-11will provide simple and quick assembly controller on a DIN rail (also known as the TS-35 and TH-35) in each cabinet or distribution of electricity.

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12V, 24V


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Key features:

  • 3 OC outputs
  • current carrying capacity 5 A / channel
  • Memory max.6 scenes
  • 6 inputs NO triggering scenes
  • static or dynamic scene
  • the ability to work as a driver RGB
  • easily connect multiple devices
  • working with control systems
  • small size
  • optional DIN rail mount


Technical data:

  • Supply voltage:12 VDC ± 20% / 24 VDC
  • current consumption (no load) 
  • Power consumption in sleep mode:<6 mA
  • Operating temperature range:-15 … +55 ° C
  • Number of output channels:3
  • Type of output channelsOC (mass feeding)
  • Current carrying capacity of outputs: 5A / channel, for 24 VDC at 2.5 A.
  • Resolution PWM control:8 Bit
  • PWM frequency:550 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):63 x 36 x 16 mm
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