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Miniature Digital Dimmer LED strip – 1 CHANNEL 12V – 24V

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Made in EU with the finest components. Full compliance with the EU standards and directives.

Digital LED dimmer MD-1 is the smallest dimmer in our range and one of the smallest on the market.It is mainly designed for the LED strip but easily cope with other LED light sources. His body is almost two times smaller than a matchbox, so this tiny device can fit almost anywhere. Despite the small size of the dimmer is a product of very high quality, which is confirmed by excellent technical specifications and full, 5-year warranty. Installation and operation of the dimmer is very easy, so even people that do not have every day contact with the electronics should deal with self-assembly.

Method of operation MD-1 is so devised that the service was very easy and intuitive. Even bystanders, do not know the device will be able to turn on and turn off the light by briefly pressing the button connected to the input of the dimmer. Lighting and extinguishing takes place smoothly in about 2 seconds. Dimmer MD-1 works with any button momentary (otherwise known as BELL or contact, or one that you press and release the returns to the starting position). Currently, each manufacturer of electrical equipment incorporates an on offer such keys so you have complete freedom in choosing the right key to fit the decor of the room and the rest of the electrical equipment.

Longer pressing the illumination light will smooth adjustment of brightness on a loop from maximum to minimum, which continues until you release the button. The direction of changes in the brightness can be changed at any time by briefly releasing the button and pressing it again. Cycle time from minimum to maximum is 5 seconds, which allows for precise selection of the required brightness. LED dimmer MD-1 stores the set brightness, so the next time the light turns on stored brightness.

The dimmer can also turn right at maximum brightness by pressing the button twice in quick succession (double-click). And if someone wanted to attach the light to a minimum to simply hold the button longer while turning. The dimmer switches on then immediately adjust the brightness mode and starts to increase it starting from a minimum.

As you can see, despite the very small size of the dimmer that allows full and easy control of connected to it LED lighting. Another advantage is the fact that one dimmer can be connected in parallel any number of buttons and get control from multiple locations without complicated installation. They take two veins.

This small LED dimmer has 6 screw-cube connection to facilitate installation. Two of them are used for connecting the (or contact) control to connect two LED strips, or other LED light source and two for connecting the 12 VDC power.Several dimmers LED MD-1 can control one button, which gives additional possibilities for control of several separate circuits from one place or allows you to handle more power. After making these connections, you can immediately use the dimmer.

With 10-bit resolution PWM control and the matching characteristics of brightness to the sensitivity of the human eye, brightness changes are very smooth and linear across the range. Smooth starts and stops reduce glare and improves the aesthetics of the lighting is.

Dimmer MD-1 has a continuous output rated at up to 7 A,which also includes a built-in noise filters ensure trouble-free operation and compliance with required standards and EU directives. It can therefore be used both in homes and in commercial facilities, industrial – practically everywhere (of course, when properly installed).

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12V, 24V


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Key features:

  • miniature sizes
  • control any key BELL
  • smooth lighting and extinguishing of light
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • professional quality
  • 10-bit control (high liquidity)
  • suppressors (EMC)
  • Continuous load capacity up to 7 A
  • very good value for money

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage:12 VDC ± 20% / 24 VDC ± 20%
  • power consumption: ~ 3 mA (no load)
  • Operating temperature range:-15 … +50 ° C
  • Type of output channelOC (mass feeding)
  • Output current carrying capacity (continuous):7A/12V – 3A/24V
  • PWM Resolution:10 bit
  • PWM frequency:500 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):45 x 28 x 18 mm 
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